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Max's Holiday Package

When you book your holiday event at The Bushnell, you can select from Max's three Holiday Package menu options!

Holiday Package 1 - $60 per person
Holiday Package 2 - $75 per person
Holiday Package 3 - $90 per person

• View full holiday package menu options.

 Explore all our different spaces you could host your event that accommodate a variety of party sizes.

To take advantage of this offer or to learn more, contact Kristin Davis at or call (860) 987-6044.

About Events at The Bushnell

The Bushnell’s original Georgian Revival exterior blends into the brightly lit, contemporary glass façade of our 2001 expansion, creating a single entity that celebrates the past, present and future. The Grecian columns and gold dome of The Bushnell celebrate the history of the hall, while the radiating spirals of the Chihuly sculpture celebrates the hall’s continued innovation and vision. Seasonal landscaped gardens welcome guests into the brick courtyard situated between the Mortensen Hall and Belding Theater.

Or call (860) 987-6044 for more info.