Scenes from the Bushnell

Educational Programs

Education has been at the center of The Bushnell's mission since the performing arts center opened its doors in 1930. Educational activities have included everything from spelling bees and cooking classes to children's theater and lecture series with such visionaries as Eleanor Roosevelt and Helen Keller. Building on this foundation, in 1993, The Bushnell launched its most educational effort yet, PARTNERS.

The Bushnell's school-based arts education programs are based on findings that the arts have a transformative effect on communities, classrooms, curricula, teachers, families, and most importantly, the students themselves. Our program addresses the need to motivate students and stimulate academic achievement while increasing parental involvement and connecting teachers, students, and the community in effective activities using the creative arts. The Bushnell uses these arts activities to stimulate students' literacy skills, support their intellectual and personal development, and encourage tolerance and understanding of different cultures.

But our arts education initiatives don't stop at K-12 programming. As part of our mission to bring the arts, education, and community together, The Bushnell has introduced two new arts education programs for adults and seniors - On Stage and Beyond and ArtVentures. Now, all age groups are enjoying our innovative arts education programming. Additionally, another core mission - talent development - is served by the Ensign-Darling Vocal Fellowship and the Noah Webster Jazzicians program.

The Bushnell's programs help create a sense of community, contribute to economic vitality, and provide a lasting legacy that transmits knowledge and culture from generation to generation.