Scenes from the Bushnell

Career Development

The Career Development program is built on The Bushnell's Arts Education Community Engagement model, of which our PARTNERS (Partners in Arts and Education Revitalizing Schools) program is a successful example. The Career Development program is directed to high school students who could become interested in a career in the performing arts, which could motivate them to stay in school, continue their education or training, and establish a meaningful vocation that could lead to profitable employment.

The Bushnell's program addresses critical challenges confronting area schools - challenges caused by poverty, language barriers, nontraditional family units, and other severe issues that young people struggle to deal with every day. The Bushnell's program is directed to those students at risk of not graduating and was developed in response, in part, from discussions with local district high school administrators and teachers.

In the 2006-2007 school year, Weaver High School in Hartford, CT, embarked on a Career Development program focusing on the entertainment industry. For a period of nine weeks, a class of senior honors English students met various professionals who worked in all aspects of the entertainment industry, from advertising and casting to entertainment law and the film industry. The students then joined Bushnell staff members for a culminating event where they pitched their career development goals to a panel displaying the students' expanded interest in the entertainment industry.

The Bushnell has also worked with Plainville High School students in an effort to explore careers in a performing arts center such as The Bushnell. Lecture topics included marketing, programming, human resources and development.