Scenes from the Bushnell

Bushnell Archives

The Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts is the home to the Shepherd M. Holcombe Archives.

The Archives contain an extensive collection of memorabilia related to the creation of The Bushnell, including papers of incorporation and notes from the founders.

There is a large photo collection of performers who have graced The Bushnell's stages, as well as documentation of the building of both Mortensen Hall and the Belding Theater.

The collection also includes a copy of every Prompter playbill from the beginning of our programming, as well as newsletters, flyers and posters related to Bushnell-sponsored performances.

Correspondence from the early years, as well as some personal items from Horace Bushnell, are also part of the collection.

The Shepherd M. Holcombe Archives is not available to the public, but inquiries will be researched by contacting Brenda Lopez, Senior Manager, Educational Programs.